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Joseph Poore

Department of Biology, University of Oxford




Poore (2022) How can we cut soaring demand for meat? Try a hybrid burger. The Guardian.

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IPCC (2022) Sixth Assessment Report, Chapter 12, Cross sectoral perspectives. Contributing Author.


Poore et al (2020) HESTIA: Using Life Cycle Assessment to structure, store, and deliver the world's agri-environmental data. LCA Food 2020. Conference Paper.

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Springmann, Spajic, Clark, Poore et al (2020) The healthiness and sustainability of national and global food based dietary guidelines: modelling study. BMJ.

Press: The Guardian.


Poore (2018) We label fridges to show their environmental impact - why not food? The Guardian.


Radio: ABC Australia. Television: BBC News.


Poore & Nemecek (2018) Reducing food’s environmental impacts through producers and consumers. Science.

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Selected press: The Guardian; BBC (interactive); New York Times (interactive); Tages-Anzeiger (de).

Podcasts and radio: CBC; Naked Scientists; Science podcast; Science Vs; Deutschlandfunk (de).

Lecture: Cambridge Climate Lecture Series.


Poore (2017) Back to the wild: How nature is reclaiming farmland. New Scientist.

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Poore (2016) Call for conservation: Abandoned pasture. Science.

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Coverage: FCRN; Mongabay.


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